Men's Ministries

H.I.S. Men

Every month we will focus on an area of our code: Honor, Integrity & Service.

Our oath is: "We will Honor those we are over and those we answer to, we will be men of Integrity and high character and we will Serve rather than being served."

Led by Team: Josh Rosonke, Ray Briggs and David Schneider

Women of Influence

Women's Ministries

Women Of Influence

3rd Wednesday of every month

Our mission is to love God, self and others by living with passionate purpose, being examples in our homes, church and community as "Women of Influence." Our purpose is to unite all Experience women, high school age and up, through programs that will promote personal spiritual growth, encourage relationships with each other and be involved in serving. Please use this page to share scripture, prayer requests, praise reports, or anything else up lifting! Let's be "WOMEN OF INFLUENCE!"

Team Leader: Kim Veenstra

Vintage Ministries

Some call older adults 'seniors' or 'seasoned.' We prize our older adults and call them 'Vintage' because, like a fine wine which is valued more with each year, they have history to share and a wealth of knowledge to draw from. Our motto is: "Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do." Though the body may not always work, the mind is a wonderful thing and there is so much to share.

Our Vintage Ministries tries to include older adults from 55 and up in activities they can enjoy and that will enrich their lives. We are always looking for new ways to minister to these who have given so much in the past. Our Vintage people know how to pray, serve & give! For this reason, all younger generations need to honor & learn from them.

As God admonished us to "honor your father and mother, He also further admonished the father and mothers to tell those things He has told them "from generation to generation."