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Why Should I Give?

The Scripture says something very interesting. It says that the reason for the tithe is to teach us to fear God and to place Him first. We are to somehow express that He is our greatest treasure of all. Where we put or invest our money, by choice, will help our heart move that way.

In other words, if you want God to bless your marriage, put God first in your marriage. If you want God to bless your job, put Him first in your job. If you want God to bless your decisions about your future, then place Him first in your life today. If you want God to bless your finances, then put Him first in your finances.

Thank you for having a giving heart!

Giving Online

Tithe means "tenth" or the "first tenth." It's the heart of God's people to reach others with the gospel who may have never heard it any other way. It is our contribution.

So we give with all our hearts and all our love because we know that God will somehow convert it to life.

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