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A Message From Our Pastor

I sure miss the days of shorts, swimming pools, working in the yard & golf! Those days are fun, busy & sometimes frustrating (golf score) but they seem to allow us to get outside of ourselves and interact with others as well as the beautiful world God created for us.


However, winter isn't my favorite! I don't like the slush, the cold, the wind, the salt, the cold car... I could keep going but won't! I always say "The only thing we truly control is our response" so here I go. I will enjoy the winter season this year! Why you ask. We might not be outside as much to interact with others & nature but we can use the time to reflect on the condition of our home & hearts.


I want my "winter" time of reflection to prepare me for my "spring & summer" time of interaction. We all know that the more we prepare, the more successful our plans might be. I want to be a success in life according to God's standards, so I must "reflect" and look inward if I want to be effective during the times when He will call me to "interact" with those He has called me to reach, love & touch with His love.


Happy to Serve Alongside You,


Charles Cole, Lead Pastor

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